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At Garden Suburb Public School, we strive for excellence in an inclusive environment where all students and teachers are supported to achieve success and their personal best. Teachers, parents and students work in partnership for learning and collaboratively empower all students to become respectful and responsible learners. We support the development of student growth and wellbeing with a valued approach to culture and community.

Garden Suburb Public School is located in Lake Macquarie North with an enrolment of 221 students including two Autism Support classes and one Multi Categorical class. We promote the values of respect, responsibility and personal best in all aspects of the students' learning, providing opportunities in the performing arts and technology.

Garden Suburb Public School has a proud sporting history and the extensive playground allows students to learn and participate in a large variety of sports. Garden Suburb Public School has strong collaborative relationships with an energetic P&C consisting of parents and caregivers, Kumaridha Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and the wider community. Our Yarning Circle and extensive school grounds provides us opportunities to conduct outdoor learning and invite families and the community onto school grounds for organised events and support student learning.

High expectations are supported across our Cardiff Community of Schools in the development of leadership for students, opportunities for High Potential and Gifted students and Aboriginal initiatives. Our close working relationships within the Cardiff Community of Schools allow us to support all students in a successful transition to High School and provide evidence-based interventions for students with additional learning and support needs.

The school has completed a situational analysis that has identified two areas of focus for this Strategic Improvement Plan:

1. Numeracy - focusing on whole number in particular multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. This focus has been highlighted by SCOUT trend data for 2017-2019.

2. Reading- all skills in reading and comprehension have been identified as areas of need and in particular improving student vocabulary. Garden Suburb Public School staff are committed to improved use of PLAN2 to create focus areas for student learning.

From our external validation the focus is on accurate and timely feedback, use and analysis of data and engagement with all members of the school community.