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Green initiatives

Reducing our waste footprint is an important focus at GSPS. With money from Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant, we purchased 2 sets of 5 coloured bins for our playground. The students sort their waste into the specific coloured bins - food/ fruit scraps (green waste), soft plastics (REDcycle), Return and Earn, recycling and a general waste bin.

REDcycle is removed weekly and dropped off at a local supermarket collection bin. Return and Earn is taken to a recycling point and the money earned goes into the garden fund.

‘Totally Trash Free Tuesday’ is our official binless lunch day. However, students are encouraged to bring waste free lunches everyday and use refillable water bottles.

Each classroom has a compost bucket and appropriate fruit scraps are added to our new compost tumbler along with other green and brown waste.  We are beginning to produce our own rich compost for our vegetable garden. GSPS perform regular audits to evaluate our waste management.

2021 saw GSPS commence the ClimateCam program which is managed by the Wetlands Environmental Education Centre. This program has tasks, audits and investigations to perform relating to energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, climate change and environmental sustainability.